Industry prospect
1. With the increasing level of urbanization and investment in transportation, power grid and other ancillary facilities, the demand for fire protection will continue to rise.
2. Intelligent fire industry, although the overall scale of the fire market is still small, but a number of enterprises have gradually explored the concept of intelligent fire control, the future of intelligent fire control will lead to new changes in the fire market.
Policy orientation
Fire control supervision has been strengthened, industry standards have been standardized, and mandatory policies have forced downstream demand to become rigid.
Excerpts from GB13094-2017 "Safety Requirements for Bus Structures": Buses shall be equipped with high temperature or smoke alarm systems capable of monitoring compartments. If the engine compartment is behind the cockpit, a temperature alarm system should be installed. The monitoring area should include flammable fluids that may leak or leak.
Components that are in contact and operate at temperatures higher than the ignition point of the fluid.
The alarm systems specified in, and shall provide drivers with sound or light alarm signals in the driving area. Once the engine starts, the alarm system should be in working state. One or more fire extinguishers shall be provided. In Class A or B buses, the space for each fire extinguisher shall not be less than 8*106 mm3. For Class I, Class II or Class III buses, the space for each fire extinguisher shall be the same as that for Class I, Class II or Class III buses.
It should not be less than 15 x 106 mm2. For double deck passenger cars, extra space for fire extinguishers should be provided on the upper deck.
Continuous innovation and application of new technical concepts such as automatic induction, remote monitoring, fault analysis and active fire extinguishing.
With people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, higher requirements are also put forward for the greening of fire products. At present, greening is also one of the requirements put forward by the World Environmental Protection Organization for fire protection products. The fire extinguishing agent used in the intelligent fire fighting system of Anyi Electrical Machinery has passed the double certification of fire fighting and environmental protection, and belongs to the environment-friendly product.
The Internet of Things, combined with cloud computing and big data, not only can realize multi-point detection and remote transmission, but also can carry out intelligent fire control processing efficiently and quickly through accurate analysis.
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